Homeownership Shines as an Investment in 2015

Housing ROI

A survey by The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University reveals that when a family is buying a home they consider the financial benefits of homeownership along with the social benefits.

The survey mentions things like:

*Paying rent does not make sense
*Homeownership provides a good financial opportunity
*Owning a home helps you building family wealth
*Buying a home is investing in your retirement
*Home equity gives you something to borrow against

So how did homeownership match up against other investments in 2015?  

Here is a chart that compares its return on investment against precious metals and the stock market last year:

ROI 2015

Bottom Line:

Not only did homeownership offer all its social benefits. It also was a great investment financially.

via The KCM Crew… Keeping Current Matters